My Dreams

I believe it is important to dream, equally,  I also believe that anyone’s dreams are achievable. However, for dreams to be achievable you must take control of your life and be prepared to make the sacrifices required.

The Income Replacement Project ethos is all about realising your dreams. As you will notice while reading my blog, I make a lot of references to goals. I believe that in order to achieve my dreams I need a plan, and to achieve my plan I will need to goals, but we will get to this later.

The power of writing down your hopes and dreams is incredible. Just take a few minutes to write down the life that you dream about for you and your family. I get a really positive feeling from simply putting pen to paper, I feel like I am already on my way to achieving my dreams, but in reality there is much to be done.

I want to share my dreams with you, these are the things that I really want from life – this is what I want my life’s work to be for…